About Us

Established in Mid 2016, Lemma Technologies is focused on developing Programmatic advertising solutions for integrating the Digital Out Of Home Advertising ecosystem with the Digital Advertising ecosystem consisting of Web, Mobile, Social, Search etc.

Lemma aims to enable Digital Media owners to sell time slots on Digital Displays to buyers across the globe. Lemma enables Advertisers and Brand owners to be able to make educated decisions on buying Ad slots on Digital outdoor media worldwide. This facilitates Digital Outdoor Media to be traded as easily as advertisements on other digital media like Web, Mobile, Video, Facebook, Twitter etc. Using Lemma solutions, Advertisers are able to optimize campaigns across DOOH and other traditional Digital Media like Web and Mobile.

Lemma has developed mechanisms to count people in the vicinity of Digital screens, giving advertisers data on the reach of their campaigns. This helps buyers buy with the same confidence as they do with other digital medium, where the reach of the campaign can be tracked.

Having seen how programmatic transformed Mobile, Video and Web, Lemma believes that solutions offering ease of transactions, audience tracking, and transparent reporting will boost spend on DOOH.

Lemma believes that DOOH will become a bigger piece of the Advertising pie, with spends on traditional OOH media and traditional digital channels being converted to DOOH.


Lemma is founded by entrepreneurs, having great background in Programmatic advertising, having worked for PubMatic. Having seen how programmatic transformed Mobile, Video and Web, they believe that solutions offering ease of transactions, audience tracking, and transparent reporting will boost spend on DOOH and that DOOH will become a bigger piece of the Advertising pie, with spends on traditional OOH media and traditional digital channels being converted to DOOH.

Journey so far

Lemma has built a Cloud based Programmatic Ad Exchange solution, with complete integration for Digital Outdoor Media. This allows Digital publishers like owners of Outdoor Digital Billboards, Screens in shops, malls, hotels etc to connect their screens to the Lemma Ad exchange, and Advertisers to run campaigns on these connected screens, along with other Digital media programmatically.

Lemma has contracts in place to integrate more than 15000 billboaards in more than 20 cities in India and a potential to reach over a 100 million consumers.

Lemma has succesfully run more than a dozen campaigns for great brands, helping them to effectively reach consumers.

Future plans

Lemma would soon be expanding to other countries, starting with South-East Asia.


In the world dominated by Digital advertising on Mobile and Web, Out of Home (OOH) advertising is becoming more of a core media buy. OOH cannot be blocked, skipped or viewed by bots. It surrounds audiences with real, powerful advertising wherever consumers shop, travel, play, live and work. OOH Advertising drives brand recall and brand affinity. OOH is a proven media amplifier which helps to drive consumers to mobile, digital and social engagement. Digital Out Of Home Advertising (DOOH) is advertising on Digital screens in locations such as Malls, Airports, Shops, Restaurants, Corporate Offices, Residential Buildings etc. DOOH creates a bigger impact than static OOH with the ability to show video ads to get a better brand recall.

Why Lemma for DOOH?

Lemma provides Programmatic campaign optimization solution which helps advertisers and brands to effectively optimize campaigns across Mobile, Digital, Social and DOOH. Lemma provides Audience measurement, giving a count of people in the vicinity of the digital screens, who have a chance to view the advertisement. With Lemma Audience Measurement, an advertiser knows the extent of reach, and can calculate the ROI for the budget spent.

Efficient approach

Change the traditional and time consuming approach of selling your direct and indirect inventory more efficiently by using our platform thus reducing the efforts and execute guaranteed and non-guaranteed sales more effectively.

One Stop Shop

Control and manage your premium & remnant inventory across multiple channels at a single place


Easily access tailored audience based on the location, interest, day & time parting thus fulfilling the media buyers needs.

Maximize ROI

Track conversion achieved against the budget spent. Optimize for maximum conversion to get good ROI.

User friendly

Manage all campaigns via the Lemma portal. Get detailed reports. Make changes to the campaign on the go.

What is Programmatic

Lemma is first to market in India with a Programmatic solution for Advertising on DOOH.

Here is a checklist to quickly check if your current solution is programmatic

  • Fully comply to RTB 2.3 protocol as defined by IAB.
  • Be able to integrate with other programmatic solutions via server side integration and client side mediation.
  • Be able to make ad serving decisions in less than 100 milliseconds based on multiple data points.

Typical solutions for managing digital displays, can not scale up to manage advertising and connecting to Programmatic channels.

Some examples of such typical solutions are

  • Online content management solution for managing ads
  • Online planning and advance booking systems
  • Any system which cannot integrate with other systems via IAB standard APIs


  • Gulab Patil

    Founder & CEO
  • Sharad Gadsing

    Co-Founder & CMO, BD Head
  • Mayuresh Phadke

    Co-Founder & COO
  • Aditya Kulkarni

    Co-Founder & Member of Board

Gulab Patil

Founder & CEO

Gulab is business & technology leader with 10+ years of experience. At Lemma, he is responsible for overall strategy, product, customer development and business growth. Before Lemma, Gulab was Director of Engineering at PubMatic, a leading advertisement technology company. At PubMatic, Gulab led product and engineering teams. He developed an innovative and efficient platform for mobile, video, native. Platform currently enables organization to cater multi-billion impressions per month and makes multi-million $ in revenue. In past, Gulab played various engineering roles at MobiPrimo and XTPL. Gulab holds a master degree in Computer Applications.

Sharad Gadsing

Co-Founder & CMO, BD Head

Sharad is a mechanical engineer & management graduate with proven business acumen spanning over 13+ years in diverse fields including retail, distribution, manufacturing and marketing. Currently engaged in innovative startup concepts from retail, advertisement & technology domain. As CMO, BD Head at Lemma Technologies, Sharad is driving business strategies & solutions to meet organizational goals.

Mayuresh Phadke

Co-Founder & COO

Mayuresh is an entrepreneur, with experience in building and leading successful products and companies. Recently Mayuresh setup the India centre for PierianDx, a Clinical Genomics Software company. He lead a multidisciplinary team of Software developers and QA, Bio-Informaticians, Molecular Biologists. Previously as Director Engineering at PubMatic, he led the Private Market Place (PMP) and PubConnect products. Mayuresh was part of the leadership team which helped PubMatic to grow from a small start-up to a leading company in the Digital Ad serving space. Before PubMatic, he worked on his own start-up, which provided unique, low-latency, Core Banking solution, EzeeBank, to Credit Co-Operative Societies. Mayuresh is IITB alumnus & an expert in leading teams of diverse professionals, setting clear goals and inspiring them to work together to achieve them.

Aditya Kulkarni

Co-Founder & Member of Board

Aditya is entrepreneur, product evangelist & strategist with 17+ years in telecom, social, digital marketing & adtech products and solutions. Recently at PubMatic, he handled multi-million acquisitions of Mocean and oversaw multi-million business line around Mobile, Video and native. In past, he built MobiPrimo (acquired by PubMatic). He was early investor and advisor to board at AUTech (acquired by CueLogic) In past, Aditya played various engineering roles at AOL, Motorola, Openwave, Invensys, Seven Networks.


  • Anand Das

  • Bob Walzack

  • Tushar Agarwal

  • Purushottam Kaushik

  • Ajay Potnis

Anand Das

Anand is an entrepreneur, product evangelist and startup advisor with 18+ years in high performance computing, storage, digital marketing & Ad Tech products and solutions. He is one of the four co-founders that started PubMatic in 2006, currently in his role as CTO at PubMatic, Anand is responsible for establishing the company’s technical vision and positioning PubMatic for future growth. Anand also served on the IAB tech lab board of directors from 2015 to 2018. Prior to PubMatic, Anand held various engineering roles at PANTA Systems, a high performance computing startup and at VERITAS India, where he worked on a variety of storage and backup products. Anand has seven patents to his name in systems software, storage software, advertising and application software.

Bob Walzack

Walczak is a marketing industry pioneer having served as founder and CEO of ad tech start-up Ringleader Digital, one of the first companies to develop a comprehensive mobile ad server and patented mobile ID technology. Most recently serving as Xaxis’ Executive Vice President of Global Product, WPPs programmatic audience business. Prior to Xaxis, Walczak served as Global CEO of Light Reaction, the outcomes performance advertising division of Xaxis. Earlier, Walczak was General Manager for IPONWEB’s BidSwitch where he grew the platform’s revenues 500 percent and doubled its client base in a year. Prior to BidSwitch, Walczak was General Manager and Vice President of Product and Emerging Media at PubMatic, where he developed the company’s mobile and emerging media business from inception to more than 25 percent of the company’s overall revenue in under 3 years.

Tushar Agarwal

Tushar Agarwal is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a 6th all India rank. He has spent over 30 years advising corporates on various financial and business matters ranging from funds raising, acquisitions, mergers & amalgamations, deals structuring, business MIS and investing. He is now mainly focussed on investments including Equities in the secondary market, start-ups, Fixed income and Real Estate.

Purushottam Kaushik

Purushottam is well recognized in the industry as an expert in Telecom, Smart cities, IOT & Digital India.Business leadership experience of 24 years through Global MNCs in Telecom and IT - including Cisco (2009-2016), Nortel (2004-2009) and Lucent Technologies (2000-2004).Experience of engaging with 20 plus cities across India on Smart City Initiatives, working with City leaders, State IT and Urban development leaders, Management consulting organizations, large system integrators and Solution providers.

Ajay Potnis

Ajay is a veteran in the data storage industry with over 20 years of experience and 5 patents to his name. Ajay brings with him immense experience of optimizing data storage systems for fast and secure storage and retrieval of data.